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    “Welcome to Osteria Toscana. Come visit us and enjoy an authentic Tuscan dining experience inspired by my childhood and frequent travels in Italy. You’re going to love my food!”

    Luciano Canova

    ExperienceTuscan Flavors!

    Fine Italian Dining in Johnston, RI
    Drawing on the hearty signature textures and savory flavors of the region, Osteria Toscana will provide your taste buds with an authentic Tuscan experience. When you eat at Chef Canova’s restaurant, you will you enjoy homemade Italian food – cooked with the finest and freshest meats, grains, and cheeses – with an artful ambience.

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    ChefLuciano Canova

    While now considered a well-respected culinary master, Chef Luciano Canova’s deep-seated love of food and family can be traced back to his childhood years spent on a small farm just outside of Rome, Italy. Fueled by a passion for the finest and freshest foods, Luciano combines his studies at the Culinary Institute of Italy with his industry expertise honed throughout Europe to bring Johnston, RI a truly unique dining experience. Through homemade cuisine and a pleasurable environment, Luciano transports his Osteria Toscana clientele to the extraordinary land of Tuscany.


    ExperienceOsteria Toscana

    Visit our restaurant and enjoy our specialty dishes
    From the moment you walk through the doors at Osteria Toscana and are greeted by its friendly staff and aromas of old Italy – you are transported to a world far removed from Johnston, RI. From the picturesque murals of the Tuscan countryside, artisanal take on classic ingredients, comfortably intimate dining area, and elegant bar – Osteria Toscana is an experience you’ll find hard to beat.

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    Wednesday – Thursday: 4–9PM
    Friday: 4–10PM
    Saturday: 4:30PM–10PM
    Sunday Extravaganza: 11AM–4PM
    Sunday Dinner: 4PM-8PM

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